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Gopala Bhakta offers affordable professional tabla and harmonium lessons catered to your needs and interests. Whether you're interested in becoming a serious professional tabla and/or harmonium player, you wish to become proficient enough to play these instruments with other musicians, or you are looking into broadening your musical knowledge and develop more concentration by learning the skills of playing these instruments, the teaching expertise of Gopala is designed to cover all of your needs by a practical and simple step-by-step method of teaching that can guarantee the student with the results to be able to learn these instruments quickly if the student is committed to practicing regularly.


Lessons are offered online through zoom both in individual and group settings. The cost are $30 for a half hour lesson or $50 for a one hour lesson.

To book a tabla/harmonium lesson with me please contact me by using the contact form on my website.

You can also check out the links below for the different online teaching platforms where I offer my teaching skills:

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